Digital Persona, now part of Cross Match

Digital Persona, now part of the Crossmatch brand, is a world leader in biometric identity management solutions. Their technologies and expertise are helping organisations of all sizes achieve new levels of efficiency, expand in new markets and find powerful new ways to protect people, property and profits. Heavy reliance on digital transactions, growing mobile workforces, global demand for e-gov services and the need for enhanced security at borders, in law enforcement and on battlefields all point to a clear need for the confidence and certainty of biometrics. Security-minded organizations in both the public and private realms understand the power and necessity of biometrics — and they are increasingly looking for an established partner to help solve this identity management challenge. have been working with Digital Persona / Cross Match products since 2005 and have established themselves as a strong partner in both the UK market and worldwide.


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  • The Digital Persona UareU 4500 Fingerprint Module allows developers to physically integrate a high quality reliable fingerprint reader into their new/existing hardware.

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  • The Digital Persona UareU4500 is a USB fingerprint reader featuring an elegant, sleek design with a soft, cool blue glow and, of course, the unsurpassed performance DigitalPersona is known for.

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