Biometric Access Control Management Software

Biometric access control management software is provided by most manufacturers to manage their devices and users in a network environment. The software from each manufacturer provides essentially the same functionality. Many manufacturers have added further functionality such as mobile apps, so their access control solution can be managed with your mobile phone or tablet. Along with our device selection we have also evaluated the software from the manufacturers to ensure they provide reliable and simple biometric access control management of users and the device environment.

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  • Suprema BioStar 1.x is a comprehensive access control and time & attendance management software featuring TCP/IP-based system architecture with intelligent IP devices and terminals. It supports a wide range of third-party devices and integration with other business systems. It is the optimal solution to reduce cost while maintaining flexibility in design.

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  • SAGEM MEMS (MorphoAccess Enrolment & Management System) is a Fingerprint identification solution for physical access control.

    This product has now been discontinued and has been replaced by Morphomanager

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  • Idemia / Safran Morpho - MorphoManager - Free Biometric Management Software

    The Software is free of charge. Contact us now for your FREE download!

    Combined with Morpho biometric terminals, MorphoManager provides a seamless, comprehensive solution for Access Control and Time and Attendance applications. It offers easy configuration, group-based settings, centralised management and detailed reporting.

    • Enrol fingerprint, finger vein/print and 3D facial templates in a single system
    • Encode MIFARE®, DESFire® and iClass® smartcards
    • Manage up to 100,000 users and 5,000 biometric terminals
    • Use as standalone application or integrated with 3rd party access control systems


    Available as a Free Download with Morpho products - contact us now for more details

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