About Eyenetwatch.com

Eyenetwatch was inspired in 2001 based on a philosophy of protecting individuals through the use of unequivocal security data, that data being biometric data, unforgeable and totally unique to each individual.

In the early days of the biometric industry, products tended to be standalone or cumbersome networked devices, which were difficult to install and manage, but, once installation was complete, worked quite reliably considering the early stage of development of this innovative technology space.

Since 2001 the technology has moved forward dramatically to the current suite of products which are simple and quick to install, network and manage. Users are easily enrolled, deployed and the devices operate with lightening speed and higher accuracy. With the rise of the smart phone, device and solution management can even be carried out on your mobile device via most of the mobile platforms.

Many products have come and gone, as have resellers, manufacturers and industry personalities, one of the few constants has been Eyenetwatch which has operated profitably and consistently for 15 years and has been focused on longevity alongside its technology partners, resellers and customers.

Assuring you of our commitment to quality and service, thank you for your interest in our history.