SecuGen Leads the Pack with New Hamster Air, Touchless Fingerprint Reader

Feb 2, 2022

SecuGen, world leader in optical fingerprint technology, is excited to announce the release of the new Hamster Air, the industry’s first, low cost, single finger, contactless fingerprint reader.

The Hamster Air combines secure biometric authentication with safe touchless fingerprint scanning technology. As a clean and hygienic alternative to contact fingerprint readers, the Hamster Air is ideal for high-traffic, multiple-user environments where users prefer not to touch surfaces that have been touched by others.

The Hamster Air is the latest entry in SecuGen’s broad line of high quality, rugged, and affordable fingerprint sensors and readers. Just as fast and accurate as SecuGen’s contact fingerprint readers, the contactless Hamster Air is suitable for a wide variety of applications where biometric authentication is used, including healthcare, retail, finance, telecommunications, national ID programs and many, many others.

“The Hamster Air is a breakthrough and a game-changer,” stated Jeff Brown, VP of Sales for SecuGen. “When the coronavirus pandemic hit, our partners began asking for touch-free alternatives to traditional fingerprint readers, so we swiftly developed what I believe to be a top-quality product. The Hamster Air fulfills a very real need for a safe, accurate and affordable fingerprint reader. I haven’t been able to find anything like it in the market.”

“The Hamster Air was designed for easy integration with nearly any application including those already built to work with other SecuGen fingerprint products,” said Dan Riley, SecuGen’s VP of Engineering. “With the simultaneous release of U-AIR, the OEM version of Hamster Air, and software developer kits, we are proud to offer a full range of products that leverage this new touchless technology.”

SecuGen sells its products through a worldwide network of Systems Integrators, Software Companies, and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and provides developers with free SDKs and tools to facilitate the integration of these products into larger systems. The Hamster Air is an exciting new addition to SecuGen’s growing fingerprint biometric product line and is available for immediate shipment to anywhere in the world.

Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen added, “We saw the need, in a world of COVID, for an affordable, touchless fingerprint reader and responded quickly. I am proud of all our teams at SecuGen who have worked tirelessly to develop new technology and bring to market, in record time, this brand-new high-quality fingerprint reader, the Hamster Air.”

Mark Yadegar, Sales Director of stated, "We have worked with the Secugen team for 20+ years, this excellent product responds perfectly to our changing world and adds to, what is already, an outstanding range of products from SecuGen. We have a number of customers trialling this product for new and innovative applications."

More information about the Hamster Air is available at: