Biometric Applications

Biometric Applications

You find below a list of the common uses for biometric technologies, if you are using biometrics in a use not listed, feel free to contact us with the details and we will add it to our resources.


National ID Card Applications
We have a strong line up of devices which have been utilised in National ID card soltuions around the world, they feature strong security features and enhancements and secure smart card API's and protocols, which are prerequisites for these applications.


Voting Solutions
The management of voters to ensure no one votes twice has been a notoriously difficult application, however recent developments in the technology have allowed governments to adopt a high degree of security to prevent such a problem.


PC / Laptop Security
Fingerprint scanner and smart card scanner systems which prevent unauthorised access to your laptop or hand held PC are becoming key increase in protection of data and information . Together with our great range of fingerprint software we can now eliminate the need for multiple passwords whilst ensuring the highest security is maintained.

Our range of USB fingerprint scanners are ideal for protection of your home / work or laptop computers... Take a look at our cheapest and best-selling solution : the Secugen Hamster Plus along with SecuDesktop software. These 2 products together allow you to replace your windows login with a fingerprint, encrypt files & folders and protect your screen-saver - all using your fingerprint for authorisation.


Network Login Solution
For business networks which require that extra level of security, biometric login solutions eliminate the possibility of passwords being lost / intercepted or guessed by malicious users. Using a biometric login solution for your network, access is restricted from the server machine ensuring any accounts you have created are being authenticated by their intended users.

Password management duties are also eliminated which will save your IT staff valuable time and resources. Unlike passwords, cards or tokens, fingerprints cannot be lost, forgotten, misplaced or stolen.

Our network login solutions can integrate seamlessly with your network to increase security, fingerprint readers can be embedded in normal computer peripherals - eg Secugen Hamster Plus.

For Novell networks - see our Secugen NMAS solution.


Online Application / Website Security
As internet security is heightened, more secure websites are turning to multiple passwords or verification of "secret answers" and personal information in order to authenticate users. Unfortunately the possibility of individuals to obtain this information about each other is still very much a threat as identity theft continues to increase through various means like E-mail Phishing and social engineering.

Biometric security online provides a stronger authentication by eliminating the use of passwords which can be lost, and authenticates users by what they are, rather than what they know.
Protect logon to online accounts or secure sections of their websites by replacing username and passwords with fingerprints

Validate transactions by requesting biometric authentication before orders are submitted or financial transactions are executed
Our Digital Persona Online solution;

The server software ties into your web application and provides fingerprint authentication capabilities. It seamlessly supports large scale deployments with no setup and maintenance headache.

The client software provides basic fingerprint functionality to end users. After downloading the software and registering their fingerprints, users can seamlessly authenticate for DigitalPersona Online-protected web applications.
DigitalPersona Online supports most fingerprint readers built-in into notebooks by major computer manufacturer and fingerprint reader peripherals.