Face Recognition Access Control

Face Recognition has long been the easiest and most user friendly biometric, since you can visibly see someones face and verify it against the data held. Face recognition for access control has also been one of the most complex biometrics to develop, however our best in face recognition class access control products now make this technology readily available with reliable and cost effective solutions for access control and many other applications.

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  • FaceStation allows fast and accurate access control security like no other product on the market and comes with a wide array of features & functions

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  • The Safran Morpho 3D Face ReaderTM provides lightning-speed, hands-free access to offices and restricted areas.

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  • The iFace402 Face and Fingerprint Recognition terminal adopts the latest ZEM600 platform with ZK Face 7.0 algorithm, providing an outstanding multi-biometric solution.

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  • The ZKTeco iFace302 multi-biometric identification (face recognition and fingerprint recognition) Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal adopts ZKTeco’s latest platform with ZKFace algorithm and large capacity memory.

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  • The FacePass Pro Facial Recognition Reader is a breakthrough in innovation. The all-new BioNANO core algorithm and powerful hardware platform ensures that the terminal identification speed is less than 1 second.

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