Fingerprint Network Logon

The use of biometrics to logon to computer networks is now an accepted and established method of authentication. We have put together a number of products that provide ease of use and reliability for our customers to make use of this functionality and very cost effective way of managing user authentication.

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00000000111 SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo SC/PIV
  • £82.95
00000000112 SecuGen Hamster Pro Duo CL (XU20CL™)
  • £119.95
00000000117 SecuGen Hamster Pro 10 HU10 Only 4 left in stock
  • £48.95
00000000118 SecuGen Hamster Pro (HUPx) USB Fingerprint Reader
  • £58.99
00000000120 Zvetco Verifi P5100 Fingerprint Reader Only 2 left in stock
  • £129.95
000000001211 Idemia / Morpho / Sagem / Safran Morphosmart MSO1350 E3 and MSO1350 V3 Fingerprint and Smart Card Readers Only 1 left in stock
  • £154.95