Fingerprint OEM Modules

Fingerprint OEM Modules allow integrators and developers to incorporate best in class fingerprint readers into their own products removing the high cost of specific product development. Our fingerprint modules vary in functionality so feel free to contact us with your individual requirements via email or use our contact form

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00000000062 Digital Persona U are U 4500 Fingerprint Module
  • £86.49
00000000097 Safran Morphosmart CBM Fingerprint Module
  • £98.95
00000000108 Safran Morphosmart CBM V3 Fingerprint Module
  • £126.95
00000000109 Safran Morphosmart CBM E3 Fingerprint Module
  • £134.95
000000001161 SecuGen U20 and U20WR (Water Resistant) USB Fingerprint Reader Modules Only 9 left in stock
  • £58.95
000000001221 SecuGen SDU03P and SDU04P Only 2 left in stock
  • £49.95