Fingerprint Time and Attendance

Fingerprint Readers for Time and Attendance are now available in a number of variants: stand alone, networked, GPRS and WIFI with a variety of user authentication methodologies, eg fingerprint, PIN, smartcard, or with prox card. Our extensive fingerprint time and attendance product range means that we can cover all your needs. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us and we will happy to assist you.

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  • Sagem  / Safran - MorphoAccess 100 - MA100
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    The Sagem MorphoAccess MA100 is a fingerprint identification terminal for easy, affordable, physical access control.

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  • The MorphoAccess® 500+ (MA 500+) are versatile biometric terminals intended for access control and time & attendance.

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  • The MorphoAccess® J Bio Series fingerprint identification terminals are easy-to-implement access control devices.

    • £389.95

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  • This product is now discontinued and has been replaced by the Morpho Access Sigma Lite, for more details please click here

    The MorphoAccess® J Dual fingerprint identification terminals are easy-to-implement access control devices with built-in Mifare and DESFire card readers

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  • The Award Winning* World Leading Morphowave Tower - the ultimate in high volume access control or any access control!

    We are now shipping this product worldwide. Contact us now for more details.

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  • The Award Winning* World Leading Morphowave Tower - the ultimate in high volume access control or any access control! This is an OEM kit which allows customers to integrate the reader and its associated hardware into an existing turnstile or equipment rather than using the standalone tower.

    • £4,495.95

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  • Model BST-OC - Suprema Biostation with Optical Fingerprint Sensor

    The Suprema BioStation incorporates many fundamental features into a single reliable hardware platform for biometric access control and bioemtric time and attendance. Its simple user interface allows users to effortlessly interact with the device and its large memory capacity provides storage for a large amount of data. It is the ideal cornerstone of any system requiring fingerprint technology and can be used in either standalone or network environments.

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  • The ZKTeco MA-300 fingerprint scanner is a biometric access control terminal with an integrated proximity reader (EM).

    With a robust and elegant metal case design, it is one of the best and most complete terminals on the market. With the latest upgraded version of the ZK Fingerprint Sensor it ensures fast identification and long durability. It incorporates Ethernet connection for communication with computers and networks. It can be installed on standalone mode or as an external reader (wiegand) for another terminal or access control system. Additionally, it provides an audio prompt guide to register fingerprint or card. With its anti-vandalic metal casing and an IP Rating of IP68, this terminal is ideal for outdoor installation.

    • £179.95

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  • The BioLite Net is a compact IP fingerprint reader that has been designed to fit on a mullion mount. BioLite Net’s IP65 rating for protection against dust and water makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and its simple user interface allows for quick and easy access to the device.
    It is ideal for applications that require basic user interaction in a variety of installation environments.

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  • The new version of OA1000 has significant updates. The new optimised BioNANO fingerprint algorithm improves the speed by 2-3 times compared to the old version of OA1000. A more advanced Circuit design provides Switch Port Protect, Transient Protection, and Anti-Interference Protection. These upgrades ensure greater stability and reliability from the OA1000.

    • £599.95

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  • BioStation T2 not only leverages a state-of-the-art device platform to provide an immense variety of features in a single device, but also takes advantage of Suprema’s world-renowned fingerprint technology to ensure speed and accuracy.

    • £1,249.95

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  • The ZKTeco iClock-580 is a Time & Attendance and access control terminal with incorporated ZK fingerprint sensor and 3’5 TFT display.

    • £359.95

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