Fingerprint USB Drives

The fingerprint usb hard drive range represents the best in class products currently on the market. We have included both biometric and non biometric devices to provide a wider range for our clients.

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  • The IronKey H200 Biometric External Hard Drive offers two-factor authentication with strong password and/or biometric authentication to protect up to 1TB of sensitive data housed in a distinguished rugged metal design. The USB 2.0 portable hard drive delivers FIPS 140-2, level 3 hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption through a dedicated cryptographic processor, supports up to 10 secure user accounts, and features advanced management capabilities through the optional IronKey ACCESS Enterprise device management console.

    IronKey Fingerprint USB Drive

    Carry up to 1TB of Data in a Tamper-Resistant, Hardware Encrypted, Biometric Hard Drive.

    Securely store your data using biometric authentication.

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