Anviz Global Inc. is a global enterprise based in U.S. Anvil is a pioneer in the intelligent security industry and has a week established biometric product range. Over the last 11 years they have dedicated themselves to providing innovative, high-quality, cost-effective biometric solutions to customers in over 100 countries.
“Invent and Trust” is the core concept in both our product development, and commitment to our customers. have been working with Anvil since 2008 and are a well respected Anviz reseller in the UK and around the world.


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00000000093 Anviz D100 - Desktop USB Time and Attendance System
  • £169.99
00000000099 Anviz Facepass Pro Face Recognition Reader
  • £344.99
00000000105 Anviz FV350 Fingerprint and Vein Reader
  • £770.00
000000000767 Anviz OA1000 Fingerprint Terminal
  • £599.95
00000000091 Anviz SC-011 Access Controller
  • £54.95
00000000100 Anviz UltraMatch S1000 Iris Recognition Solution
  • £1,449.95
00000000123 Anviz UltraMatch S2000 Iris Recognition System Only 2 left in stock
  • £1,495.95
00000000106 Anviz V350 Vein Recognition Reader
  • £650.00