ZKTeco Inc is a multinational enterprise, that specialises in the manufacture and development of biometric time and attendance and access control technology. With over 25 years presence in the global market, it benefits from a highly qualified team of over 1500 employees worldwide with its own manufacturing plants that, together with its R&D and engineering departments, ensures complete in-house production of all aspects of its hardware, firmware and software.

Eyenetwatch.com has been offering the ZKTeco range since 2008 and they have become an established brand in our portfolio based on their innovative designs and reliability, we are pleased to be working with ZKTeco.

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00000000103 ZKTeco iClock 700 Fingerprint Reader
  • £365.95
00000000092 ZKTeco iClock580 Fingerprint Time and Attendance Terminal
  • £359.95
00000000071 ZKTeco iFace302 - Face and Fingerprint Identification
  • £379.95
00000000070 ZKTeco iFace402 - Face and Fingerprint T&A and Access Control
  • £419.95
00000000107 ZKTeco L7000s Fingerprint Door Lock
  • £189.99
00000000083 ZKTeco MA300 Fingerprint Reader
  • £179.95
00000000096 ZKTeco MA500 Vandal Resistant Fingerprint Access Control Terminal
  • £199.99
00000000095 ZKTeco S922 Portable Fingerprint Time and Attendance Terminal
  • £449.95