IDEMIA introduces new biometric tech to combat identity spoofing

Aug 16, 2018

Following an 18-month collaboration effort by Télécom SudParis and IDEMIA, the design of a contactless biometric reader based on a patent filed by two Télécom SudParis researchers has been finalised and the transfer of the technology to IDEMIA is now completed.

The technology involves a next-generation digital fingerprint reader known as BioDigital. According to the announcement, it provides an effective defence against identity spoofing and also offers improved recognition of damaged fingerprint surfaces and has a fingerprint matching success rate bordering on 100%.

This contactless technology recognises the fingerprint and the subcutaneous print and the network of sweat pores. It relies on optical coherence tomography (OCT), a technique that produces 3D images from “echoes” of backscattered light, offering access to fingerprints without direct contact with the reader. This innovative new feature is also accompanied by outstanding image reconstruction quality.

“On a certain number of critical applications such as the protection of sensitive infrastructure, the issue of such spoofing attacks is very real, and it is a race between hackers and tech developers like IDEMIA,” said Jean-Christophe Fondeur, Executive Vice-President for R&D Activities at IDEMIA. “This technology, once rolled out and integrated into our products, has the potential to put us another length ahead.”

"We are delighted with our partnership with Idemia, who continue to innovate and deliver world class products. This is a clear example of the innovation Idemia deliver to the marketplace" said Mark Yadegar, Sales Director at


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