SecuGen Releases the Ultra-Slim Hamster Pro 10 and U10, an FBI-Certified OEM Fingerprint Sensor, at ISC West 2018

Jun 29, 2018

SecuGen and Eyenetwatch are pleased to announce the release of the Hamster Pro™ 10 and U10 sensor. Both the Hamster Pro10 and the U10 sensor inside of it are FBI certified for PIV and Mobile ID FAP 10 applications.

The Hamster Pro 10 ( features the U10 sensor at its core and is supported by SecuGen’s free SDKs that operate on Windows, Linux, and Android. The U10 sensor is SecuGen’s smallest sensor to date measuring only 13 mm thick and is based on patented technologies. The U10 sensor is therefore, suitable for embedding into virtually any device including laptops, ATMs, access control machines, and even small hand-held devices.

The ultra-slim Hamster Pro 10 itself is very compact, attractive, and economically priced for large scale deployments. The Hamster Pro 10 joins SecuGen’s growing product portfolio of high quality and rugged USB fingerprint readers that include the affordable Hamster Pro as well as SecuGen’s flagship Hamster Pro 20.

Dan Riley, VP of Engineering for SecuGen stated, “Since we started the company 20 years ago, we have been pushing optical fingerprint technology to its limits by making the sensor smaller and smaller while maintaining high image quality. With the U10 sensor, we have reached a critical milestone. This new sensor is small enough to be embedded into a laptop or hand-held device. Our team has done a masterful job with these products.”

For more information on the Hamster Pro 10 HU10 please visit the Hamster Pro 10 product page: