SecuGen Releases Apple iOS Compatibility with New Unity™ 20 Bluetooth Fingerprint Reader

Apr 23, 2019

The SecuGen Unity 20 Bluetooth is the world’s first elegantly designed, low cost, fully programmable Bluetooth fingerprint reader. This versatile device features SecuGen’s new flagship U20-A fingerprint sensor found in the Hamster Pro 20 product family but with Bluetooth capability that allows it to securely transfer fingerprint data wirelessly to a smartphone, tablet or computer. It is sleek and small enough to be carried in your pocket as a mobile fingerprint reader or placed solidly at a workstation as a traditional desktop reader.

SecuGen’s Unity 20 Bluetooth reader is now compatible with Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. Apple developers can easily build fingerprint biometric applications for the iPhone and iPad that work with the Unity 20 Bluetooth. The Unity 20 Bluetooth can be used right out of the box by calling the simple APIs of SecuGen’s Fingerprint Management System. Alternatively, it can be custom programmed to suit the needs of the targeted user base.

Internally the product includes a complete Linux development environment, SecuGen’s fingerprint capture and NIST MINEX-compliant template extraction and matching algorithms, the OpenSSL cryptography library, and a 1 GHz CPU. The Unity 20 Bluetooth can also store encrypted fingerprint templates and process them in a closed environment without ever leaving the device.

“We have never had such a strong response to a product announcement. Customers love the look and feel of the device,” stated Jeff Brown, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for SecuGen. “The Unity 20 Bluetooth reader breaks the mold and is a stunning device with a slim, sleek white case, a single button and three small LEDs. Our team has been able to do this while keeping the price of the product very low. We are very, very proud of this product. Our team has done a wonderful job.”

Dan Riley, Vice President of Engineering added, “Our engineering has done a great job implementing the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol for compatibility with Apple’s iOS devices. The Unity 20 Bluetooth is a breakthrough product that maintains our dedication to quality. Not only is it well engineered and versatile, the affordable Unity 20 Bluetooth fingerprint reader is also a beautiful product.”

“We are relentlessly focused on the requirements of our partners around the world,” stated Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen. “The Unity 20 Bluetooth is a response to a clear need that we have seen in the marketplace for biometrics and iOS compatibility. This is precisely what our partners have been asking for, and we are excited to support and help them succeed with new products that are attractive, powerful, and economical.”

" are very pleased with this latest development from SecuGen. They are leading the way with this development and satisfying a customer requirement that has been requested for some time now." stated Mark Yadegar, Sales Director of

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