Biometrics Glossary - B

Welcome to the Biometrics Glossary - B - for terms beginning with B

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Behavioral Biometric
A biometric that is characterized by a behavioral trait that is learned and acquired over time, rather than a physical or physiological characteristic. (contrast with physical biometric)

A branch made by more than one finger image ridge.

A measurable, physical characteristic or personal behavioral trait used to recognize the identity, or verify the claimed identity, of an enrollee.

Biometric System
An automated system capable of capturing a biometric sample from an end user; extracting biometric data from that sample; comparing the biometric data with that contained in one or more reference templates; deciding how well they match; and indicating whether or not an identification or verification of identity has been achieved.

The automated technique of measuring a physical characteristic or personal trait of an individual and comparing that characteristic to a comprehensive database for purposes of identification.