Biometrics Glossary - R

Welcome to the Biometrics Glossary - R - for terms beginning with R

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Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
Technology that uses low-powered radio transmitters to read data stored in a transponder (tag). RFID tags can be used to track assets, manage inventory, authorise payments, and serve as electronic keys. RFID is not a biometric.

Receiver Operating Characteristics (ROC)
A method of showing measured accuracy performance of a biometric system. A verification ROC compares false accept rate versus verification rate. An open-set identification (watch list) ROC compares false alarm rates versus detection and identification rate.

A generic term used in the description of biometric systems (e.g. face recognition or iris recognition) relating to their fundamental function. The term “recognition” does not inherently imply verification, closed-set identification or open-set identification (watch list).

The template and other information about the end user (e.g. name, access permissions).

Reference Template
Data that represents the biometric measurement of an enrolee used by a biometric system for comparison against subsequently submitted biometric samples.

Process of registering biometric data with a Fingerprint Identification Unit (FIU) or other biometric system.

Rejection/False Rejection
When a biometric system fails to identify an enrolee or fails to verify the legitimate claimed identity of an enrolee. Also known as a Type I error.

The number of pixels per unit distance in the image. Describes the sharpness and clarity of an image. See also pixel, pixels per inch (PPI).

Response Time/Processing Time
The time period required by a biometric system to return a decision on identification or verification of a biometric sample.

Retina Scanning
Scanning the veins at the back of the eye (on the retina) - usually for use in an identification or verification algorithm.

The raised skin areas which make up a fingerprint

Ridge Ending
A minutiae point at the ending of a friction ridge, as illustrated below. See also bifurcation, friction ridge.

Rolled Fingerprints
An image that includes fingerprint data from nail to nail, obtained by “rolling” the finger across a sensor, as illustrated below.