Biometrics Glossary - O

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Fingerprint search that compares the minutiae from a candidate fingerprint image against the fingerprint minutiae database to determine whether or not the candidate exists in the database. (synonym for identification.)

Fingerprint search that compares the minutiae from an individual's live fingerprint image against fingerprint minutiae stored on a card or in a specific database record to determine whether or not the individual is who he or she claims to be. (synonym for verification.)

Open-set Identification
Biometric task that more closely follows operational biometric system conditions to 1) determine if someone is in a database and 2) find the record of the individual in the database. This is sometimes referred to as the “watchlist” task to differentiate it from the more commonly referenced closed-set identification. See also closed-set identification, identification.

Operational Evaluation
One of the three types of performance evaluations. The primary goal of an operational evaluation is to determine the workflow impact seen by the addition of a biometric system. See also technology evaluation, scenario evaluation.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
A biometric organisation (manufacturer) that assembles a complete biometric system from parts, or a biometric module for integration into a complete biometric system.

Biometric sample collection where end users know they are being collected and at what location. An example of an overt environment is the US-VISIT program where non-U.S. citizens entering the United States submit their fingerprint data. See also covert.