Biometrics Glossary - I

Welcome to the Biometrics Glossary - I - for terms beginning with I

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Identification (id)
A one-to-many comparison of an individual's submitted biometric sample against the entire database of biometric reference templates to determine whether it matches any of the templates and, if so, the identity of the enrollee whose template was matched. The biometric system using the one-to-many approach is seeking to find an identity within a database, rather than verify a claimed identity. (contrast with verification)

Identification Algorithm
The algorithm used for making a one-to-many search for user identity.

Image Database
The database that contains all fingerprint templates in the system. The image database can contain images of the fingerprints, as well as photograph and signature images.

International Standards Organisation (ISO)
The major international standards-setting organisation for cards of all types.

Iris Recognition
The technique of measuring the veins in the Iris to identify a person. This biometric technology is exceptionally accurate.