Biometrics Glossary - F

Welcome to the Biometrics Glossary - F - for terms beginning with F

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False Acceptance Rate (FAR)
The probability that a biometric system will incorrectly identify an individual or will fail to reject an impostor. Also known as the Type II error rate.

False Rejection Rate (FRR)
The probability that a biometric system will fail to identify an enrollee, or verify the legitimate claimed identity of an enrollee. Also known as the Type I error rate.

Finger Image
(see image database)

Fingerprint Identification Unit (FIU)
A biometric system capable of capturing, storing and comparing fingerprint data for the purposes of verifying an individual's identity.

Fingerprint Template
A description of all the detected minutiae in a fingerprint pattern. The template contains each minutia's x/y coordinate, slope, and type, thus summarizing the characteristics of the fingerprint for purposes of matching the fingerprint against candidates.
The lower parts of the fingerprint (see Ridge)